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7th and 8th Grade Boys Track
Practice will begin the Monday following spring break.  The season runs from late March through Mid-May.

A current physical form and concussion form must be on file at Prairie Point in order to practice. 

Click on the button below to register for track if you have not done so already. 

There is a google classroom as well.  Students can join at

For changes/updates, please click on the calendar at
7th Grade Boys Track Meets
8th Grade Boys Track Meets

  • All athletes will be issued a jersey for the season (to be returned at the end of the year)

  • Each jersey is numbered on the tag and assigned to a specific athlete

  • Each athlete needs to supply their own black shorts for meets

  • Clothing worn under uniform needs to be black in color

  • Spiked shoes are NOT required

  • Spikes are to be  1/8 inch in length or shorter

  • All athletes need to have a pair of gym shoes for every meet/practice (even if they have spikes)

  • Make sure to always dress for the weather. Easier to layer down for events

Student Athlete Team Membership Expectations

As a student-athlete member of any team, representing yourself, your team, your program and your school is important. Demonstrating the ability to make good choices throughout the day 


From the activities handbook:

"However, once students make a commitment to participate in an activity, the right becomes a privilege.  When the students are granted this privilege,  they accept the responsibility of following behavior guidelines outlined in policies and rules established for administration of co-curricular and extracurricular programs. Because the participants represent Prairie in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, they are expected to even more stringent and demanding behavior codes than non-participating students”


  • It is district athletic policy that the athlete be in attendance for the ENTIRE school day in order to participate in both practices and meets

    • Excused absences for Dr appts (with note), participation in school activities or prior approval from administration for other partial day absences is expected

Full day absences for illness or without administrative approval would prevent athletic participation for that day.


Attendance at all practices is expected and required. 

  • Absences from practice should be communicated in writing/email with your coach, preferably before the absence occurs. (i.e. appointments, other school conflicts). 

  • Absences from whole school days is excused, and does not need to be communicated.  The attendance office will share with us

  • Partial absences from school need to be excused with a doctor’s note or excused in advance with administration in order to participate in that day’s meet or practice

  • Unexcused absences are any absence from a scheduled track activity without just cause or reason

*After 2 unexcused absences, player and coach will meet to discuss continued participation on team. Parent contact will be made on 2nd unexcused. After 3 unexcused absences, athlete and coach will meet, removal from team will be discussed as possible option, parent contact will be made.


Everyone gets to participate in meets

  • All athletes will participate in at least 2 events

  • Meets having scored and exhibition events

    • Scored events are timed and compared against the other teams

    • Meets allow 2 individual scores and 1-2 relay teams to score per event

    • The maximum number of scoring events allowed per individual is 4 (3 running max)

    • Exhibition races are to provide athletes with races to participate in

      • Exhibition races are run in the 100, 400, 800 and 1500

  • Coaches will attempt to post/share lineups before the day of the meet to inform athletes and parents

    • Lineups will change the day of the meet due to illness/injury

    • Athletes are expected to report for their events when called

    • Athletes should warm up for their event 1-2 events prior to running

  • After home meets, athletes should check out with a manager/coach before leaving

  • After an away meet, athletes leaving with their parent can only leave with their parent when:

    • Parent emails the coach prior to the meet and walks up to check athlete out


  • After the athlete is finished with the meet, signs the athlete out on the sign out sheet
  • After the City meet, athlete’s can leave after turning in their jersey


Pick Up

  • Please pick up athletes at Northeast exterior doors by locker room (facing track, by basketball court)

  • Practices will end promptly at 4:45, please be on time to pick up your athletes by 4:45-4:50