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Practice will be only on a student's assigned Cohort day. 

Attendance in School: In order for a student to practice or participate in any activity, they must be in attendance in all of their classes that day. Individual exceptions may be approved by the activities director or designee. It will be the responsibility of the student to inform the coach, director or sponsor of the absence and subsequent inability to participate in practice, competition or public performance if the absence from the class was without proper approval given by the activities director or designee. Practicing without proper approval will result in the student sitting out the next practice or performance equivalent to the activity participated in without approval.

Good conduct policy: Our expectation is that our students will not only abide by the rules and regulations of Prairie Point, but be leaders and role models in our building.

Prairie Performance Core Covenants:

● Passion (Leadership, passionate about your sport and school)

● Dedication (Loyal to teammates, no excuses, giving 100% to school and sports)

● Commitment (Commitment to your team, coaches, and yourself)

● Attitude (Relentlessly positive, helping others at school and practice)

Students who are not able to meet the core covenants that our district has established will have reduced playing time. Any decision to reduce playing time for school behavior will always be made in consultation with Mrs. Johnson, the Prairie Point Activities Director. Those decisions will be made collaboratively.

After school detention = unexcused missed practice Two unexcused missed practices = One half of game Three unexcused missed practices = One game School suspension = Minimum one game

The most up-to-date football game schedule can be found on the Prairie Point website on the Point Calendar

Click on View Schedules (right hand side below calendar) and click in the box in front of Football 7th grade, then click view. The schedule should open in a new window.