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A Message from Coach Mark Bliss:

With our student athletes in mind our goal as a football program and as a staff is to encourage young men to be disciplined enough to commit themselves and to lead and encourage others to live by our G.O.L.D. Standards. Our standards are considered to be the pillars of our program. G= GRATITUDE for everything they have and to be grateful for being in a school district that provides everything they need to succeed both academically and athletically. O= OWNERSHIP in our program and to lead by example to others the importance of integrity and dignity and that by taking ownership they establish the success of not only our program but more importantly our culture and expectations. L= LEADERSHIP is the one true characteristic we truly believe drives our culture and tradition. We expect all players within our program to understand the significance of leadership and to take pride in doing so. LOVE is also another of our standards that drives our success. Teams that truly care and love one another have shown over my career to be the teams that go the farthest both on and off the field. D= DISCIPLINE is the backbone of our program. Discipline is what allows us to thrive year in and year out in a very competitive Class 4A and the Mississippi Valley Conference. Our players through discipline know the importance of doing the right thing for the right reasons and to inspire others to do disciplined actions daily.

When players leave our program it is my hope that they have been exposed to great coaches and teammates that will create a lifetime of memories and along their journey they have learned to have better character, commitment, courage, goal setting, perseverance and the most important thing of all to be part of a FAMILY. It is our hopes to continue to build upon our successes and to bring home a much deserved State Championship for the College Community School District and Prairie High School.

Football Program Information:

Coach Bliss along with the Prairie Hawk Football staff are currently in their 6th year together and in that time have had 6 consecutive State Playoff Appearances and 2 Conference Championships and 1 State Quarterfinal Appearance. The program has had 1 High School All American, 7 All State performers, and 2 Player of the year and 2 Kicker & Punter of the year awards given as well. The Prairie Hawk Offense has finished as one of the top 3 Offenses in Class 4A 5 years straight.

Contact Information :

Coach Bliss Email:
Coach Bliss Twitter: @markbliss14
Coach Bliss Cell Phone: 816-739-5010

Football Preparation & Practices:

In General there will be a player and parents meeting in the month of May toward the end of the current school year to give out information on the upcoming season and to go over expectations of both players and the parents. The month of June and July bring what we call SUMMER PRIDE WORKOUTS where the athletes work in the weight room and on conditioning for preparing their bodies for the upcoming season. We usually have 2 camps over the Summer and officially start Fall Practices in early August.